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Seasons of life

Life is in seasons. Just like we have Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn, such is life. As with weather, life too has seasons. I enjoy listening to Steve Harvey’s story. Steve was at one point homeless, look at him now. Such is life. There are many similar stories to his. The seasons of life. My … Continue reading

In the living years

I’ve just been thinking about how much people spend travelling for funerals and buying food, flowers and all that. It’s funny how most of these people have never helped the deceased while alive, but they don’t hesitate to spend on his/ her funeral. Well, this got me thinking… Why do we have to pretend we … Continue reading

Keep sisterhood alive

Yesterday, I had the most awful experience of 2020. It’s nothing new really but, it is still painful. I sometimes do part time jobs, any kind of job at all just to earn an extra rand. In my hustle, I learnt that as much as women are very vocal about men abuse and gender equality, … Continue reading

What is love?

‘Allo! ‘Allo! 😁 I’ve just returned from my Christmas vacation, it was super! How’s yours going? Hope it’s filled with fun, love and joy. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la la… So, this afternoon I’ve just been asking myself, ‘What is love?’ Can we truly define it? The Bible sums … Continue reading

Old school is the real school

Back in the day, people would make verbal contracts or vows, and they would keep their word. They ‘shook on it’, a man’s word was his word. That was back in the day. It was the age of integrity, the ‘era of gentlemen’, the time of principles, a time when brotherhood/ sisterhood actually meant something. … Continue reading

Can we talk?

Dear Men, Yes, we believe you when you say you get hurt too. We believe you when you say you love us too. We are sorry for not being patient with you but, all we want is COMMUNICATION. You ought to know by now that us women love to express our feelings. All we ask … Continue reading

Different strokes for different folks

A wonderful evening from South Africa! It’s a wet and lovely Thursday, we are grateful to God for the rains. It had been like a blast furnace recently, often waking up in the middle of the night, choking on my own blood as I nosebled. At times waking up with my head throbbing as if … Continue reading

About road trips, music and ehmmm

There’s something about road trips that’s just refreshing, rejuvenating, invigorating, quickening…. I travelled to eGoli, the city of gold (Johannesburg) last week and I have not felt alive in ages! Just the change of scenery does wonders. I felt so energised, so recharged and the creative juices started flowing again, so effortlessly… Road trips, neh. … Continue reading

Life is for living

Remember what I said last time about life getting in the way of living? I’ve been giving it lots of thought. Well, it’s year end, the time for heaps of introspection. Introspection I say, not regrets. We should actually everyday check our goals, our visions and make sure we’re still on course and not wait … Continue reading

Frenemy Zone

It’s been quite a while hey, life tends to get in the way of living. After experiencing betrayal, I’ve decided to turn to the memoirs for one quick entry. You see, I don’t get why people claim to be your friends, “I’m praying for you,” “I believe in you,” “I’m on your side,” but the … Continue reading

Every dark cloud

My life has been pretty hectic lately. You see, life just never was the same after my divorce. I lost my job, my laptop ‘died’, then my tablet, then three weeks ago my smartphone ‘died’ as well but, I always choose to look at the brighter side of life. I mean, I’m alive and well, my kids … Continue reading

It never rains…

Life sometimes throws us some curve balls, well, that’s life. No-one actually promised us a life of sunshine. Life is in seasons hey but, when it rains it surely rains! Someone said that it never rains but it pours. And my aunt always say, “when days are dark, friends are few.” Talking about friends… why … Continue reading

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