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Dear Sister

It’s been a while since I offered some sisterly advice so, here goes. Growing up, our mothers told us that men should be given unconditional love, actually, they should be loved no matter what. If they cheat, they should be loved. If they are poor, or worse, don’t have jobs, they should still be loved. … Continue reading


South Africa has lost yet another icon, so early in the new year, author and chef Dorah Sitole. She was 67 years old. The eminent food editor who worked for True Love was also a noteworthy food stylist, recipe developer, and a trained Cordon Bleu chef.  Mme Dorah Sitole had a prestigious career traversing forty … Continue reading

Kidnapping attempt or pure stupidity?

A MUST READ!!! Continue reading

Spring has sprung, take a short left to Knorhoek!

At last! The sun is out, Spring has finally ‘sprung.’ Covid-19 regulations have been relaxed. What better way to enjoy all this than to be outdoors? Knorhoek in Capetown is just the right getaway spot. Spacious (social distancing is easy here!) and a safe haven for the children, it is simply paradise on earth. Situated … Continue reading

Zodwa Wabantu blows a fuse on social media

When people fall in love, they have a tendency of shutting their eyes, then they say love is blind. It’s not. Love’s eyesight is perfectly okay. It sees imperfections and decides to overlook. It sees everything and sometimes ignores. But it does see! The heart maybe, decides to operate free from the mind… who knows … Continue reading

The best things in life are free, or are they?

I woke up to discover that #lobola is trending today. Some of the tweets are surprising though, they made me wonder, is lobola an African tradition, is it practiced by blacks only and what is its purpose? Where is its roots? Does it have anything to do with colour and culture? Where does the money … Continue reading

On Age fluidity

In this new world, nothing surprises me anymore. These are indeed ever-changing times. Are we now giving excuses for evil, justifying things that are simply not normal behaviour? Should we turn a blind eye to pedophilia because of something called age fluid? Age fluid, my foot! Do we not have the power to put an … Continue reading

Single but, still human

Have you ever seen how single women are treated in society at large, even in church! For some reason single women are not given any respect as human beings, worse if they are single because of divorce. Unfortunately, the widows are not spared of this dehumanizing treatment from society. Young married women speak to senior … Continue reading

Pitch black

Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’ve been reading Ways of Dying by Zakes Mda. In the book, there’s a woman who is described as pitch black. While doing the book review on air, I took the opportunity to talk about colourism. As you have read from some of my previous posts, I was a … Continue reading

Apply the lessons

Last week I started reading Ways of Dying, a book penned by South African award winning prolific author, Zakes Mda. (Book review coming soon). This book is quite a tale with lots of lessons. Two major lessons I’ve learnt from this book are: Live like it’s your last day on earth – do your best … Continue reading

Free your mind

I am a black woman, but have never seen myself as such. I always saw myself as a human being although sometimes being black and proud was very difficult for me.

Continue reading

About idle minds

This morning, I was wondering how things went down in the Garden of Eden. I realised that it’s really about idle minds! I’ve asked myself many times, where was Adam when Eve was busy being cozy with Satan? This morning, I thought he must have been busy in the garden, “And the Lord took the … Continue reading


The murder of George Floyd by a white policeman in America has sparked so many conversations surrounding Black Identity and systematic racism. The question of Identity is one that most people struggle with, especially people of colour. For most people, it becomes a lifetime mission, to discover who they are and what their life purpose … Continue reading

Man Crush Monday – Jacob Ntshangase

Today’s MCM is media personality, Jacob Ntshangase. He is back on our small screens once again as Mkhushulwa, the uncle that causes havoc on SA’s etv soapie, Rhythm City. Jacob is a story development and cultural advisor at Mzansi Magic’s Isibiya, a part-time lecturer at Wits University and a media consultant among many other things. … Continue reading

Letter to abusive men

Dear you, what shall I call you today? In times past I have called you ‘lover’. There’s a time I called you my ‘smile-keeper’. Today, you have brought nothing but tears to my eyes. Not tears of joy, no! Tears of pain and agony. Tears of regret for ever loving you. Tears I cry for … Continue reading

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